New America

In collaboration with New America, supporting writers, journalists, and storytellers in completing ambitious new book projects.

In collaboration with New America, Emerson Collective supports remarkable journalists, scholars, and storytellers as Emerson Collective Fellows at New America.

The New America Fellows program gives talented writers the time, resources, and community to pursue ambitious, longer form, deeply researched and reported book projects that can advance important national conversations about social justice, education, the environment, and beyond.

Through their expert reporting, depth of understanding of a range of social issues, and moving storytelling, the work of New America Fellows addresses complex social challenges in a way only a gifted writer can.

The New America Fellows Program gives important thinkers an intellectual home where they have the time, space, and resources to pursue new projects; a community where they can learn from one another; and opportunities to collaborate with others at New America.

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Emerson Collective works with New America to select individuals based on their scholarly or journalistic achievements, the promise of their book proposals or manuscripts, and their deep engagement in Emerson’s priority areas.

Emerson Collective Fellowship
Encouraging individuals of exceptional talent and creativity to advance bold new projects in education, immigration, the environment, social justice, media, and health.
Emerson Collective Dial Fellowship
Equipping remarkable social entrepreneurs with new communications tools to strengthen their voices and extend the impact of their work.