An educator and author, Jessica Lander explores the relationship between immigration and education in the United States.

Jessica Lander is an educator and author focused on issues of immigrant and refugee education. She has spent a decade as a teacher working with students at middle school, high school, and university levels in the U.S., Thailand, and Cambodia, and has taught high school history and civics to immigrants from more than 30 countries.

Jessica has written extensively on issues related to education policy for publications including The Boston Globe and Harvard University’s Ed. Magazine. She recently launched the We Are America Project, working with 14 former students and teachers in 25 states helping more than 1,400 students across the United States share their stories of American identity.

As an Emerson Collective Fellow, Jessica is researching and writing “Making Americans,” a book exploring how the education system in the U.S. can better support immigrant and refugee students.