Equity & Justice

We partner with innovators willing to test the limits of convention

It’s our shared responsibility to strive continuously and exhaustively to improve individual lives and entire systems.

The truth is that complex systemic failures require flexible approaches, new models, and improved public policy.

At Emerson Collective, we seek out courageous leaders and bold thinkers with innovative models. We are focused on the areas of greatest need, where our contribution can make the greatest impact and illustrate different ways to create success for individuals and communities.

Beyond conventional funding, we support our partners with multiple layers of resources. By providing the tools, know-how, and network to build capacity, we allow great work to flourish and expand.

Our interest stretches beyond our borders, to communities around the world that have used innovative strategies to overcome difficult challenges. We do this not only out of our deep belief in social equity and economic fairness, but also our conviction that we can’t afford to leave anyone out of the conversation, or leave any good ideas on the table.

Categories of articles and links under Equity & Justice

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Food Security

People in food deserts across the U.S. lack access to healthy food. We begin to address injustice when we interrupt this cycle, educate communities, and identify ways to expand access.

Civic Engagement

We are deeply committed to encouraging active civic participation at every level. This cornerstone of our democracy is both a right and an obligation.

Criminal Justice

The U.S. criminal justice system was conceived of to support the process of redemption, renewal, and rehabilitation. Our policies and practices must reflect this opportunity.

Health & Well-Being

By improving access and tools to promote health, financial security, and well-being, we empower people to become self-reliant and, in turn, make their communities stronger.