We accelerate solutions that will improve cancer detection, treatment, and the patient experience

Emerson Health believes we have an exciting opportunity now to make substantial improvements in both our understanding and treatment of cancer, as well as in the lives and experience of cancer patients.

Advances in cancer research—including the advent of genetic sequencing, immunology, and improvements in disease detection—have combined to make this a pivotal moment of potential progress in cancer biology research and treatment. Thanks to these developments, we see new tangible steps that can be taken to potentially reduce the burden of cancer in the lives of patients, their families, and caregivers.

Emerson Health partners with leading, cutting-edge researchers and innovative entrepreneurs to help transform groundbreaking scientific discoveries into potentially groundbreaking treatments for patients with significant, unmet needs.

We place patients at the center of our efforts by giving them tools that empower them to play a more integral role in their own treatment—including access to the latest research and clinical trials, and ownership of their own medical data.

We work across the entire drug development pipeline, from the lab to the clinic, and across all types of cancer and modalities of treatment.

By encouraging collaboration and innovation across the entire cancer research ecosystem, we aim to accelerate the technology, treatments, and standard of care that have the power to improve the health and lives of cancer patients.

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