We accelerate solutions that will improve cancer detection, treatment, and the patient experience

Emerson Health believes we have an exciting opportunity now to make substantial improvements in both our understanding and treatment of cancer, as well as in the lives and experience of cancer patients.

Advances in cancer research—including the advent of genetic sequencing, immunology, and improvements in disease detection—have combined to make this a pivotal moment of potential progress in cancer biology research and treatment. Thanks to these developments, we see new tangible steps that can be taken to potentially reduce the burden of cancer in the lives of patients, their families, and caregivers.

Emerson Health partners with leading, cutting-edge researchers and innovative entrepreneurs to help transform groundbreaking scientific discoveries into potentially groundbreaking treatments for patients with significant, unmet needs.

We place patients at the center of our efforts by giving them tools that empower them to play a more integral role in their own treatment—including access to the latest research and clinical trials, and ownership of their own medical data.

We work across the entire drug development pipeline, from the lab to the clinic, and across all types of cancer and modalities of treatment.

By encouraging collaboration and innovation across the entire cancer research ecosystem, we aim to accelerate the technology, treatments, and standard of care that have the power to improve the health and lives of cancer patients.

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  • Color Genomics

    A leader in distributed healthcare and clinical testing making population-scale healthcare programs accessible, convenient, and cost-effective for everyone.

    Color Logo
  • Cullinan Oncology

    A biopharmaceutical company developing a diversified pipeline of targeted oncology and immuno-oncology therapies with transformative potential for cancer patients.

    Cullinan Logo
  • Dragonfly Therapeutics

    Committed to discovering, developing, and commercializing therapies that use its novel TriNKET™ technology to harness the body's innate immune system to bring breakthrough disease treatments to patients.

    Dragon Fly Logo
  • Elevate Bio

    Creates and operates a portfolio of cell and gene therapy companies to develop, manufacture, and commercialize life-transforming medicines.

    Elevate Bio Logo
  • EQRx

    Reducing the cost of medicine using strategic partnerships, cutting-edge science, and technology to provide high-quality, patent-protected medicines more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever.

    E Qrx Logo
  • Lyell

    A company focused on addressing what it believes are the primary barriers t limiting consistent, reliable, and curative responses to adoptive T cell therapy: T cell exhaustion and lack of durable stemness.

    Lyell logo
  • Nkarta Therapeutics

    Improving upon the efficacy of cell therapy by making it more potent, better tolerated, and more rapidly available to the broad population of patients with a variety of blood-borne and solid tumor cancers.

    Nkarta Logo
  • Sana Biotechnology

    Creating and delivering engineered cells as medicines for patients, with a vision of repairing and controlling genes, replacing missing or damaged cells, and making therapies broadly available to patients.

    Sana Logo
  • Seer

    Enables exceptional scientific outcomes by commercializing transformative products that drive breakthrough ideas by unlocking the deep, unbiased biological information that can make them a reality.

    Seer Logo
  • Shattuck Labs

    Pioneering the development of bi-functional fusion proteins as a new class of biologic medicine for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease.

    Shattuck labs logo
  • Skyhawk Therapeutics

    Committed to discovering, developing, and commercializing therapies that use its novel SkySTAR platform to build small molecule drugs that bring breakthrough treatments to patients.

    Skyhawk Logo
  • Spotlight Therapeutics

    A company advancing first-in-class cell-targeted CRISPR gene editing therapies and moving its modular, programmable RNPs towards clinical studies,enabled by its proprietary TAGE platform.

    Spotlight Logo For Printer website
  • Synthekine

    Discovering and developing best-in-class cytokine therapeutics, leveraging immunological insights to guide targeted protein engineering to generate transformative cancer and autoimmune disorder medications.

    Synthekine logo 2
  • Thrive Earlier Detection

    Focused on incorporating earlier cancer detection into routine medical care to extend and save lives and developing CancerSEEK, a liquid biopsy test designed to detect many cancers at earlier stages.

    Thrive Logo
  • Trialspark

    An alternative to traditional clinical trial companies running end-to-end trials with all aspects optimized by technology for faster completion, higher data quality, and a more patient-centric experience.

    Trial Spark Logo
  • Tune Therapeutics

    Focused on the generation of novel cell and gene therapy products achieved using the company’s epigenome editing and gene regulation platforms.

    Tune Logo
  • Umoja Biopharma

    Leveraging their proprietary integrated technologies to reprogram a patient’s immune cells in vivo to create next-generation immunotherapies for the treatment of solid tumors and blood-borne cancers.

    Umoja Logo
  • Volastra Therapeutics

    Pioneering novel approaches to halt or prevent cancer metastasis, one of the major unsolved challenges in cancer treatment.

    Volastra Logo2