Immigrants have always fueled America’s economic and cultural dynamism

Our immigration system is broken and in need of a 21st-century upgrade. 11 million undocumented immigrants live, work, and contribute to communities across the U.S. without legal paperwork.

Our legal immigration system is rigid, backlogged, and outdated. Families, businesses, and workers operate under a cloud of uncertainty. Yet instead of fixing the system and acknowledging the contributions of those who are here, we spend a king’s ransom trying to enforce our way out of the dysfunction.

When immigrants – like all Americans – are able to realize their full potential, everyone benefits. But undocumented immigrants, who make up more than 5% of the U.S. workforce, and their families are forced to live on the economic margins. Their lack of status subjects them to exploitation by employers, blocks them from maximizing their skills and developing new ones, and keeps them in perpetual fear of deportation. These impacts undermine the stability of our communities, the strength of our economy, and the integrity of our families.

It does not have to be this way. The vast majority (70-80%) of Americans of all political stripes support commonsense solutions that include a path for hard-working undocumented immigrants to earn the privilege of citizenship over time. Not only will such a policy stimulate the economy and strengthen our communities, it will fortify the integrity of our democracy.

We reject zero-sum politics and policies that pit “us” against “them” in a race to the bottom. Inclusive policies that expand opportunity for everyone are the backbone of America’s greatness and the key to our next generation’s competitiveness. So we work with experts at every level—from advocates and economists to school principals and policymakers—to advance policies that live up to our values and enable aspiring Americans to thrive and contribute.

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Hundreds of thousands of immigrants who came to the United States at a young age have been contributing their talents to our society for years. Congress must pass permanent legislation that protects them and ensures they continue to contribute.

Community Advocacy

Expanding immigrants’ access to community resources creates civic, educational and economic opportunities that strengthen the social fabric of our society.

Refugees and Asylees

Around the world, America remains a symbol of freedom and hope for those fleeing violence and persecution. To uphold these values, our system and our communities must do more to welcome those who seek refuge.